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Rail Grinding Machine

无限法则表情包 Rail Grinding Machine simple structure, small volume, light weight, easy to use, up and down fast, walk road wheel insulation, safety and reliability.

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Introduction of Rail Grinding Machine

Rail Grinding Machine has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, light weight, easy to use, up and down fast, walk road wheel insulation, safety and reliability. To adapt to the rail plane, profile, circular arc surface and grinding of various kinds of Angle. Also Rail Grinding Machine adapts to the rail welding joint and various kinds of tongue rail, rail grinding. The machine with the internal combustion engine (motor) for power supply, suitable for field work without power supply.

Technical Parameters of Rail Grinding Machine

1 Motor power :1.5 kw, the revolution of 3000 r/min
2.The installation dimensions: 1000 * 535 * 535 (mm)
3.The grinding wheel size: 200 x Φ Φ 32 x 25 (mm)
4.Vertical stroke: 0-150 mm, the horizontal stroke: 0-50 mm
5.The machine weight:≤42kg
6.Suitable for all kinds of different rail type (18-43-75)

Work Principle of Rail Grinding Machine

Grinding machine adopts (motor) GX160 gasoline engine power, using A type v belt (889 mm) inside the perimeter through the transmission system drives the grinding wheel grinding rail operations. This machine is mainly composed of frame, driving system, grinding wheel, grinding arc line roller, device and other major parts. Rack system with sheet steel Angle steel welded together. Grinding wheel on the screw nut screw feed, walk and frame with bolt connection line device, walk road wheel rim is higher, can also be used on the ground after next.

Rail top, side available insulation grinding wheel (or roller); Rub rail top arc with roller can grinding rail fillet area.

Pictures of Rail Grinding Machine

Rail Grinding MachineRail Grinding MachineRail Grinding Machine

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